2013 Napier awardees

Rachel Conrad, Pitzer College

Engagement with issues of sustainable water-resource management has long been woven into Rachel's life. Last year in Ecuador she worked with farmers in the Dulcepamba watershed whose water rights were threatened, doing research and producing a documentary so that farmers' voices could be heard widely. She proposes as her Napier project to return to Ecuador to continue collaboration in a socio-environmental analysis of the watershed that can inform the development of a just and sustainable water-management plan. She has been doing some of the necessary mapping remotely this academic year, using satellite imagery.




Caitlin Watkins, PitzeR College

Caitlin has been an intern at Crossroads, a Claremont residential program for women released from prison, working with the women on gardening, culinary skills, and other matters relating to food. She would like as her Napier project to continue her work there, starting a social enterprise, called Fallen Fruit from Rising Women, that creates and sells quality food products from donated produce. This relationship would foster development of job-related skills and provide employment to ease the women's transition to independent living.



2013 Napier Fellows