Napier Medal

2014 Napier Medalist

Nancy Mintie, Uncommon Good

Empowering Families Through Education, Medicine, and the Environment.


With her UCLA law degree in hand, Nancy Mintie set out to provide free legal aid services to the poor and homeless in Los Angeles by establishing the Inner City Law Center. This nonprofit organization pioneered the development of slum-housing litigation. Their efforts won multi-million dollar lawsuits on behalf of tenants living in uninhabitable conditions. The Inner City Law Center remains an important resource for those seeing legal advice and counsel on issues related to housing and homelessness.

Nancy recognized that financial settlements for slum-housing conditions did not move families out of poverty. Without good jobs, families continued to live in substandard housing. Nancy also recognized that persons living in low-income communities are most severely affected by environmental hazards. Education offers the promise of good jobs and the opportunity to move out of poverty. She established Uncommon Good in response to these issues.

Today, Uncommon Good’s Medical Education Debt Relief program helps repay student loans for young physicians who are eager to work with underserved populations. “Connect to College” provides mentoring, tutoring and educational enrichment to help underprivileged students succeed in school and attend college. The Pomona Valley Urban Agricultural Initiative provides living-wage jobs on organic urban farms producing healthy food for the region.

In 2013, Uncommon Good constructed the Whole Earth Building in Claremont. This first-of-its-kind green building is located behind the Claremont United Methodist Church on land given by the church. Hand built using on-site earth for 85% of the construction material, Uncommon Good’s new home, powered by solar energy, is a unique building which maintains warmth in winter and coolness in summer. It is a model for sustainability and an internationally recognized example of green construction. It is an imaginative building which exemplifies Uncommon Good’s inspiring purpose and innovative programs.


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