Napier Medal

2013 Napier Medalist

Ann Napier Caffery, Memorial Hospital Foundation

Whoever coined the adage, “If it’s not local, it’s not real,” might well have had Anne Napier Caffery in mind. For over thirty years she has embraced bold visions, given them persuasive voice, and found ways to make them come alive with stunning effect in the everyday life of the communities where she has lived.

Anne’s ability to help communities achieve their dreams first became evident in the early 1980s, when she lived in Eugene, Oregon. There she was instrumental in the birth of the Eugene Arts Foundation and in the growth of the local United Way campaign.

But it was in the late 1980s, when she and her husband Steve Caffery took up their life in Yakima, Washington, that Anne’s commitment to community renewal blossomed. In 1989 she became the first President/CEO of the Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation. Over the last twenty-four years Anne’s visionary leadership has been the decisive factor in the striking expansion of health services to the Yakima Valley’s diverse, underserved, largely Hispanic population. Again and again, she has successfully challenged small organizations to move beyond their accustomed competitive ways, to envision new goals for health care, and to pursue fresh strategies for their implementation. With Anne at the helm, the Memorial Foundation has been able to raise a staggering $40 million for programs and services that meet the health needs of people in the Yakima Valley and Central Washington.

The two most notable achievements resulting from Anne’s labors have been the creation of Children’s Village in 1997, and just last year the opening of Cottage in the Meadow. Children’s Village is the collaborative effort of 34 health agencies to provide comprehensive care for children with special health and developmental needs. Its remarkable achievements have made it a national model of collaborative health care for children. Anne’s leadership again was the decisive factor in the creation of Cottage in the Meadow Hospice Care Center. Thanks to her leadership, diverse groups have been brought into unaccustomed patterns of collaboration, so as to be able to provide a better quality of care for people in the final stages of life’s journey.

Anne’s achievements in Yakima have won her the affection and plaudits of numerous people with whom she has worked. One colleague who knows her especially well calls her “passionate, visionary, transformational and inclusive.” She goes on to say, “This exceptional woman has worked tirelessly as a community catalyst for the people who call the Yakima Valley their home.”


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